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Tooth Pain and Discomfort

Robert Madden, who holds both a DDS and an MBA, serves as a family dentist in the Denver, Colorado, area at Southwest Family Dentistry. Dr. Robert Madden sees patients with a variety of tooth and gum issues, including tooth pain.

Tooth pain is a common problem among individuals of a wide range of ages. Since it can signify a variety of different oral health problems, it is important patients with pain see a dentist to obtain an evaluation and to take any steps necessary to address the underlying causes of the pain.

While tooth pain can be caused by injuries and problems with the gums, the most common cause of this type of pain is tooth decay. The type and severity of the pain depends on the person’s particular situation. For example, if a person feels a brief painful sensation when eating hot or cold foods, he or she might have a small spot of tooth decay. On the other hand, pain that is ongoing or particularly severe can indicate a more serious form of decay, as well as accompanying problems, such as an abscess. Since fast action typically minimizes the damage and, in cases of severe decay, can potentially save the tooth, it is important that a person who is experiencing persistent tooth pain seek help as soon as possible.

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