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The Benefits of Dental Implants

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Robert Madden, DDS, MBA, has owned and operated Southwest Family Dentistry in the Denver, Colorado, area since 1982. As a dentist, Dr. Robert Madden offers dental implants for patients with tooth replacement needs.

Dental implants are designed to help patients who have lost one or more teeth. Unlike a denture, which rests on top of the gum line, the dental implant attaches permanently to the jaw bone and thus offers a much higher level of stability. Patients with implants can eat, speak, and smile without worrying that the implant will come loose.

Dental implants also stand out as a longer-term solution, even compared with a tooth-supported bridge. While a bridge may need to be replaced after 10 years, an implant can last throughout a patient’s life.

Implants also help to preserve the longevity of a patient’s surrounding teeth. Unlike a bridge, these devices are self-supporting and help to maintain the structural integrity of the jaw bone. This, in turn, reduces bone loss and helps keep a patient’s face looking full and healthy.

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