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Eliminating Periodontitis through Pocket Reduction Treatment

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Based in Denver, Colorado, Robert Madden, DDS, earned his MBA at the University of Colorado and has led Southwest Family Dentistry for more than two decades. His work as a dentist encompasses dentures, crowns, and implant restorations. Dr. Robert Madden also provides Denver, Colorado, patients with experienced periodontal therapy treatment.

Two non-surgical approaches to gum care are scaling and planing, which are a part of regular gum cleaning sessions at the dentist’s office. In cases where periodontal disease has progressed, supporting bone and tissue that snugly fit around the teeth is destroyed, and pockets form surrounding affected teeth. Untreated, these pockets gradually become deeper and harbor expanding colonies of tooth decaying bacteria. Eventually, too much bone tissue may be compromised and extraction may become necessary.

Periodontal pocket reduction is one way of resolving this issue and involves a folding back of the gum tissue, such that bacteria can be removed. The gum tissue is then secured in a position close to the bone. In certain cases, smoothing of the damaged, irregular bone surface may be necessary before a close fit can be achieved.